Deep Thoughts, by Lyle

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Today I was thinking about how good stuff is everywhere.  At Christmas good things are easy to find!Most of the time, good things just come to me.  Little Bit does all of the work asking for tasty treats and Poof! I get some too.  Life is sweet! 

Every day on my walk I see good things.  Sometimes it is a rabbit, or a squirrel, or a cat.  Cat is my favorite flavor. 

Sometimes I have to look a little harder for the good things.  It's always worthwhile to keep an eye out for good stuff.  Once on my It's smart to keep an eye open for good stuff.walk I found a whole pork chop!  Then there was the time someone left me a  carton of goldfish crackers on the sidewalk and I got to get a mouthful of goldfish every day for a week!  And there's always some gum on the ground that is good to chew, just there for the taking!  Just thinking about it all makes me drool.  But I'm not worried, there will be something good coming for me soon!Mmmmm, cat flavor