Deep Thoughts, by Lyle

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I'm just patrolling for predatorsSo I was just walking along, humming a little hum to myself (it's surprising how many songs are written about me) and the Boss Man says "Lyle, you're a new-sance."  I got a spanky new collar too--it is in honor of my love of music.  I sing and play the nose whistle.

I'm not sure what a sance is, but if I'm the new one, I guess Little Bit is the old-sance.  Usually when the boss tells me I'm a new-sance I've been singing to myself so I figure it must mean "puppy" or "good singer."  I do have a lovely voice, in case you haven't heard it.

Hooray for the new-sance.  For any of you out there who want to be a new-sance too, the only advice I can give you is to sing out what's inside!  Let the whole neighborhood hear you!

Good luck.  I hope you can be a new-sance too.

Still pretty smart.